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M. Sc., Pht • Co-Owner & Co-founder..Co-propriétaire et co-fondatrice.... ....
Bianca Roy-Mathie is an experienced Physiotherapist with a passion of working in the Health Industry. She is skilled in Orthopedic Sports Injuries, Concussions, Manual Therapy and Injury Prevention. Determined to find the source of pain within the Musculoskeletal System, this professional has graduated with a Masters Degree from McGill University in 2014 and continuing her hands on experience through the AQPMO and OPPQ. ..
Bianca Roy-Mathie est une Physiothérapeute motivée et entreprenante dans le domaine de la santé. Elle est spécialisée dans les blessures orthopédiques, commotions cérébrales, thérapie manuelle et prévention des blessures.
Toujours déterminée de trouver la source de la douleur au niveau du système musculoskeletique. Cette Physiothérapeute a graduée avec une Maitrise de l'Université McGill en 2014. Elle continue sa formation continue à travers L'AQPMO et l’OPPQ.

Bianca is a remarkable and efficient therapist. She was able to treat us from small day to day aches to serious injuries with care.
She has guided us and most importantly taught us how to care of ourselves for multiple injuries such as running injuries, post fracture limited range of motion and sciatica.
We are very thankful and highly recommend her to all.
— Isabelle Doré and Stéphane Désautels, parents of Laurence and Maxime.


sabrina Roy-Mathie....

Osteopath I.O. • Kinesiologist B.Sc. ..Ostéopathe I.O. • Kinésiologue B.Sc. .... ....

Passionate about sports, Sabrina regularly runs, plays tennis, practices yoga as well as Crossfit. Sabrina started her career in the rehabilitation industry in 2011.

Sabrina has more than one string to her bow! She completed a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at the University of Montreal. She then obtained a diploma in Osteopathy after her studies at the College of Osteopathic Studies (CEO) in Montreal. Not only is she actively working as a Kinesiologist and Osteopath, Sabrina is presently working on a research project in osteopathy and continues her education to serve you better.

Member of: Ostéopathie Québec (OQ), Fédérations des kinésiologues du Québec (FKQ), Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA)

As a career counselor & coach, I keep an eye out for people passionate about taking meaningful careers to the elite level. As a masters swimmer with multiple Canadian championships & records, I trust elite professionals who take care of my body during setbacks and empower me with precious knowledge to keep me healthy going forwards. It is my pleasure to recommend the osteopathy and kinesiology services of this elite professional, Sabrina Roy-Mathie.
— Roberto Figueroa



ACAM, Massage Therapist • NAN, Naturopath • CRA, Reiki Master .. ACAM, Massothérapeute • NAN, Naturopathe • CRA, Maître Reiki .... ....

It was in 2003 that Farah survived cancer. Her beauty focused career took a turn to wellness. She made the necessary changes to live a healthy and stress-free life.  Her devotion to care for others became clearer. In 2010, she followed her dream and traveled to India on her first spiritual retreat. Two years later, in 2012, Farah pursues her studies in Ayurveda, a form of traditional medicine practised in India. She studied in Kerala, India, with Ayurvedic doctors. One of her favorite quotes: “Healing first starts with the Self”. Today, she teaches Reiki and also volunteers at Hope and Cope, a wellness center in Montreal. At the center, she provides loving care to cancer patients from the Jewish General Hospital, to which the center is affiliated. ‘‘I am so grateful to share and practice my calling...” Namaste. Farah is a member of: the Canadian – American Association of Massage Therapists (ACAM), National Association of Naturopaths (NAN) and Canadian Reiki Association (CRA). .. C’est en 2003 que Farah a vaincu un cancer, sa carrière dédiée à la beauté s’est réorientée vers le bien-être. Son dévouement à soigner les autres est devenu évident. En 2010, elle poursuit son rêve et voyage en Inde pour vivre sa première retraite spirituelle. Deux ans plus tard, en 2012, elle étudie en Ayurveda, une branche de la médecine traditionnelle en Inde. Les cours étaient donnés au Kerala, par des docteurs d’ayurveda. Une de ses citations préférée: « La guérison débute par Soi » Aujourd’hui Farah enseigne le Reiki et elle est bénévole au centre de santé L’espoir, c’est la vie, à Montréal. Ce centre affilié à l’Hôpital général Juif fournit des soins aux patients souffrant de cancer. ‘‘Je suis tellement reconnaissante de pouvoir suivre mon appel…’’ Namaste. Farah est membre de: l’Association Can-American des massothérapeutes (ACAM), l’Association nationale des naturopathes (ANN), l’Association Canadienne de Reiki (ACR). ....

Farah welcomes you in to her sacred healing space with great love and compassion. She begins each treatment with deep listening and an intuitive/spiritual approach to the sessions. Her sacred space is warm, cozy and safe, a perfect place to let oneself go and surrender to the healing light of her being. The combination of her Ayurdevic oil massage treatments and Reiki energy healing is powerful and allows for profound insights, transformation and healing mind, body and soul.



B.Sc, CAT(C), D.O.(Q), FMCHC .... ....

Prior to her career as an Osteopath, Caroline practiced as an Athletic Therapist with a degree from Concordia University and worked with several sports teams. She then graduated from the “Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montreal (CEO)” in 2015. Caroline is a proactive therapist, she always continues to further educate herself through a variety of post graduate courses including: Active Release Techniques (ART), treatment and prevention of running injuries, functional medicine health coaching and more. Caroline has a strong interest in finding and addressing the root cause of problems to promote wellness. In 2018 she became a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). She is now combining Athletic Therapy, Osteopathy and Functional Medicine Health Coaching all together in her practice. Member of: Ostéopathie Québec.

I suffer from fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and thyroid autoimmune disease. I have tried different kinds of therapists over the years, but nothing made me feel better until I met Caroline and experienced Osteopathy. Caroline is the most thorough and caring Osteopath that I’ve ever dealt with over the last 15 years. With her gentle manipulations, her great expertise and knowledge, she manages to help me alleviate immense amount of pain. I highly recommend Caroline Désourdy!

— Mena Andre Coppola



BKin • FQM

Sarah Gagné holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from McGill University in Montreal. She later became a massage therapist at École Kiné-Concept located in the same city. She is a certified professional, part of the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes agréés (FQM).

She founded her own company, SAGA Fitness, 12 years ago and offers massage therapy and personal training services.

SAGA Fitness offers a global approach focused on the individual and his movement by advocating prevention as a guarantee for good physical condition

It is impossible to talk about Sarah without mentioning the many facets of her journey. .

Eternal sports enthusiast, Sarah was also an athlete for several years. A key player on the Martlet basketball team at McGill University, she stands out for her leadership and tenacity.

L’entraînement privé reçu de Sarah est la plus belle expérience de ma vie. Elle m’a appris à renforcer mes muscles de façon professionnelle sans danger de me blesser les genoux ou le dos. Je suis à la retraite depuis plusieurs années donc elle m’a suggéré de joindre un groupe 3 fois par semaine ce qui me permet de continuer à mon rythme.
— Merci Sarah de Suzanne D.