Erin Chiarelli

Manager, Yoga Instructor

Erin started practicing yoga because she saw the positive impact yoga had on her mom’s life. Coming from an athletic background, it guided her towards physically challenging classes. She slowly learned yoga was much more powerful than just the asana. Yoga taught her to accept herself in every form and continue become self-aware every time she stood on the mat! She teaches to share ways to self-love through movement and self-discovery. Off mat, she shares high energy and voice! She loves every opportunity to meet and really get to know new people. She looks forward to receiving you at EVOLUTION!



A certified Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Meditation & Mindfulness teacher, Alana's journey with yoga began over 10 years ago and deepened after an extended period of work and travel in North Africa, Europe and the Middle-East. After a few years of regular asana practice in the Hatha and Bikram traditions and self-study through readings and yoga workshops, Alana embarked on her first (of several!) yoga teacher training at Studio Breathe Griffintown led by Kimiko Fujimoto. She has since been teaching yoga to private clients, companies and groups and continues to learn and study yoga and meditation through workshops and intensives (with, amongst other teachers, Elena Brower, Sharon Gannon, Kia Miller, Ana Forrest and Gurmukh). As a Nun's Island resident for over 15 years and as previous yoga studio owner on the island, she will be invaluable in the success and the growth of BE Yoga Studio

MONICA Dokupil

Monica discovered yoga at age 15, but it is years later after a trip to India that she decided to start sharing her passion for practice. As a student and later a teacher at the “Centre international Sivananda”, she gets certified in a variety of disciplines such as: Yoga for seniors, prenatal Yoga and Yoga of the Hearth (Cardiac and Cancer Certification™) guided by Nichala Joy Devi. She had the privilege to get certifications given by world renowned teachers such as John Friend,
Sianna Sherman, Seane Corne, Hart Lazer, François Raoult, Nichala Joy Devi and many more. Monica is a versatile teacher that offers a harmonious mix of knowledge and spiritual guidance and can easily adapt to any age group. She goes beyond the execution of the postures, and is always looking to guide her students towards the experience of wellbeing. She wants her student to have a sense of individual accomplishment and an overall feeling of inner
peace. Her teaching is a true reflexing of her personality. She is generous, has a great sense of humour, and has a soft and respectful way of guiding her students towards
their own personal path.


Vanessa started practicing in 2009 due to a back injury. She quickly realised it would be a big part of her life - healing her body and heart. She experimented with yoga during her travels and attended courses with famous yoga gurus, further developing her interest. Five years later she accomplished he dream of teacher training with her long-time mentor  Kimiko Fujimoto. This also lead her to complete Inclusivity Training for Yoga: Building Community with Compassion with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts. 

She is an avid follower of conscious activism, fundraising for causes and bringing this concept into her practice. Inclusivity, community and open dialogue are core features of her unique teaching style. She is a member and follows Off the Mat Into the World®, the Yoga, Purpose & Action Leadership and the Leadership Intensive training, Yoga in Action among others. She loves to find ways to connect with humanity.