Sarah Gagné - Kinésiologue B.Sc, Massothérapeute FQM

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Sarah Gagné holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from McGill University in Montreal. She later became a massage therapist at École Kiné-Concept located in the same city. She is a certified professional, part of the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes agréés (FQM).

SAGA Fitness offers a global approach focused on the individual and his movement by advocating prevention as a guarantee for good physical condition. She will soon be offering meditation sessions and training courses.

It is impossible to talk about Sarah without mentioning the many facets of her journey. It is in her native Gaspésie that she gets introduced to sports: snowboarding, mountain biking, squash, tennis, ice skating, just to name a few. She willingly shares this extensive field experience with her clients.

Eternal sports enthusiast, Sarah was also an athlete for several years. A key player on the Martlet basketball team at McGill University, she stands out for her leadership and tenacity. She later became assistant coach for the McGill women’s basketball team and, until recently, for the Concordia University Stingers. Her multiple implications will have often led her to work with young people from all walks of life, to whom she offers a grain of hope and an inspiring model.

She acted as a kinesiologist for the semi-annual physical evaluation (FMS) of the Montreal Canadiens (NHL), the Hamilton Bulldogs and the Rookie Moncton (LHMJQ) for two years.

L’entraînement privé reçu de Sarah est la plus belle expérience de ma vie. Elle m’a appris à renforcer mes muscles de façon professionnelle sans danger de me blesser les genoux ou le dos. Je suis à la retraite depuis plusieurs années donc elle m’a suggéré de joindre un groupe 3 fois par semaine ce qui me permet de continuer à mon rythme.

Elle nous a guidé et outillé pour diverses douleurs liées à la course, des raideurs suite à un bras cassé, ou à un nerf sciatique douloureux. Nous lui en sommes très reconnaissants et nous la recommandons chaleureusement à tous.
— Suzanne D